Monday, May 26, 2008


Hi, I'm Austin "Auz" Grams. I'll give this BlogSpot site a try. I used to have a site but it didn't really work, and this is a place to talk to friends, talk monsters and whatever else. Hopefully you read it. I will post my rants, videos, pictures and what not. I'm not the best writer yet but I'm getting there. So I hope I didn't bore you. I'll put more info on myself tomorrow. And look out for a review of a Monster Truck show in West Valley City, Utah too.


Steven and Whitney said...

Hi Austin! We're glad you started blogging. You need to add us to your friends list.

Steven and Whitney said...

Is this a business site? You are pretty creative, I bet there are a lot of people that would like this website.

Auz said...

Yeah kinda I guess. lol Something to get me to maybe drive a monster truck one day. Something interesting. That and NASCAR and Basketball.

How do I add you as a friend?