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Salt Lake City Monster Jam - 2/14

Hi guys, its been quite a while since AuzMonsters Coverage has been updated. I don't have much of a camera so I can't do any coverages really. I will do reviews of shows I go to. May I present you my review of the Salt Lake City Monster Jam on February 14th, 2009? It was a great event to attend and cannot wait for next years event, couldn't think of anything better to do on Valentine's Day!


Airborne Ranger - Joe Cypher
Maverik Monster Trakker - Ron Duncombe
Sudden Impact - Brandon Legarde
Cult Energy Activator - Sean Duhon
Bulldozer - Chuck Werner
Backwards Bob - Mike Wine
Blue Thunder - Tony Farrell
Maximum Destruction - Kreg Christensen

Wheelie Contest

Sudden Impact (Brandon Legarde) - Brandon would go out first in the wheelie competition, and would hit the iron wall very nice! And would start off the wheeile contest with a bang. Score: 18/30

Airborne Ranger (Joe Cypher) - Joe Cypher would hit the track 2nd, would get a decent wheelie, but not what he was looking for. Score: 12/30

Maverik Monster Trakker (Ron Duncombe) - The local hometown truck a little outside of Salt Lake City, would hit the car stack very vertical, best run so far! Would take the lead for the moment. Score: 19/30

Cult Energy Activator (Sean Duhon) - Sean Duhon would be the next to hit the floor, would hit the car set but would not get very vertical, I'm sure that wasn't what Sean was looking for, nice job none the less. Score: 13/30

Bulldozer (Chuck Werner) - Next up would be Chuck Werner and Bulldozer, would hit the car stack and get a lot of air and got vertical, best run so far! Would take the lead. Score: 20/30

Backwards Bob (Mike Wine) - Mike Wine would hit the floor next going in reverse, would hit the iron wall in decent success, but would not take the lead. Valiant effort from Mike. Score: 17/30

Maximum Destruction (Kreg Christensen) - Kreg Christensen, driving one of biggest names in the sport, would start off a great night in his hometown. He would hit the iron wall and would get VERY vertical!!! Rode it on the tailgate of Max D for a moment! WOW, great wheelie! Tony Farrell had a very tough task ahead of him. Score: 26/30

Blue Thunder (Tony Farrell) - The Built Ford Tough Blue Thunder would be the last truck to go out in the wheelie contest, he would hit the iron wall in moderate success but not what Tony was looking for. Score: 16/30

Onto racing, I was sorta confused by the brackets, but the racing was intense for a straight line!


1st Round
Maverik Monster Trakker vs. Airborne Ranger - Maverik Monster Trakker
Blue Thunder vs. Maximum Destruction - Maximum Destruction
Cult Energy Activator vs. Sudden Impact - Cult Energy Activator
Bulldozer vs. Backwards Bob - Bulldozer

Maximum Destruction vs. Maverik Monster Trakker - Maximum Destruction
Cult Energy Activator vs. Bulldozer - Bulldozer

Onto the finals, it was the 2 teammates with Chuck Werner and Bulldozer vs. Kreg Christensen and Maximum Destruction, it was the closest race of the night, with Kreg BARELY winning, they had to go the replay to decide.

Maximum Destruction vs. Bulldozer - Maximum Destruction

Then it was time for intermission, with the Street Warriors and FMX being very good! Then it was time for Monster Truck Freestyle.


It was time for freestyle, nothing was added, it was just the 2 car lanes and a big FMX hill, different from past years with the stacks being added on and a big van stack!

Sudden Impact (Brandon Legarde) - Nice run from Brandon, would get some nice sky wheelies, get some good air, overall nice run and would fill the 60 second clock! Score: 15/30

Maverik Monster Trakker (Ron Duncombe) - A hometown guy from Utah would invade the track next, had a nice run, a few little cross threads, nice air. Decent run from Ron and the locally sponsored Maverik truck! Score: 14/30

Airborne Ranger (Joe Cypher) - Joe Cypher would hit the track next, got some very nice sky wheelies, good flow, then would hit the car stack a little crossed up and would hit the FMX hill, then he ROLLED it! Joe Cypher and Airborne Ranger had the Energy Solutions Arena on its feet! Left quite a bit of time on the clock but nice job by Joe Cypher!!! Score: 11/30

Cult Energy Activator (Sean Duhon) - Not a bad run from Sean, not the best obstacles out there, seemed like a lot of things were crushed down, nice little run from Sean, and would tie for the lead with so far with 4 trucks to go. Score: 15/30

Backwards Bob (Mike Wine) - Mike Wine would hit the track next, and he would have a VERY solid run, and ending the run with some HUGE air and great donuts! He would take the lead easily! Very good from Mike Wine! Score: 18/30

Bulldozer (Chuck Werner) - Chuck Werner would hit the track next, got some nice little sky wheelies, not as good as Mike Wine though, but after time was up, he would go into some huge cylcones, best donuts of the night, really solid job from Chuck! But a lot came after the clock expired so didn't take the lead. Score: 17/30

Maximum Destruction (Kreg Christensen) - Up next would be Kreg Christensen and Maximum Destruction right down the road from Ogden, Utah. He promised us a show and we got it. He would tear the place down with some great sky wheelies, huge air, awesome donuts, then would go into a reverse move! Then would not stop, then Kreg went NUTS, then went into some of the longest donuts I have ever seen in a long time! What a freestyle, and an even better encore as he flips it! Wow what a run from Kreg Christensen, quite possibly the sweep of the show, but he had a tough competitor next who won both freestyles so far over the weekend which was Blue Thunder and Tony Farrell! Probably the best run I've seen at the Energy Solutions Arena in a LONG time, one helluva run!! Score: 24/30

Blue Thunder (Tony Farrell) - Next up would be Tony Farrell, he would hit the track with some great slap wheelies, nice sky wheelies, and then some huge air!! He would be shut off with 10 seconds to go because he broke on the landing off the FMX hill. Nice run from Tony. Score: 16/30

Wheelie Winner: Maximum Destruction
Racing Winner: Maximum Destruction
Freestyle Winner: Maximum Destruction

Hats off to all the Officials, Drivers, Trackcrew, and everyone who made it a great show! Definately my favorite show at the EnergySolutions Arena, it was a very fast show, no downtime. It was very fun, can't wait to see whats in store for next year! Hope you enjoyed the coverage!

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